Friday, October 2, 2009

Sparta Rose - Ginger Simpson

Sparta Rose
Ginger Simpson

In Sparta Rose by Ginger Simpson Roselle “Ellie” Fountain has two problems. One is the foreman, Tyler Bishop, who seems to be working his way into her father’s heart, and she thinks Ty wants her inheritance which is Fountain Ranch. She hates being a “woman” and wishes she were a man so that that she would finally win her father’s approval. It doesn’t help that she starts getting these strange feelings for Ty.

Her second problem is that the Bryant family wants her father’s ranch that he has worked so hard to build up. Jeb Bryant will use any means to get that ranch for his father, Duke Bryant. Will Ellie be able to win both her father’s respect and figure out how to save the ranch from the Bryants?

I have found this story to be extremely well written and the characters portrayed to be very lively. Ellie’s temper was fun to read about because it got her into a lot of vicarious situations. This reviewer found Ellie’s temper to be similar to her own and likes that she could laugh at it and empathize with her at the same time. This author is reminded of another author, Janet Oke, whom I enjoy as well. Janet would be proud of this writing.

***** 5 Stars

Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

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