Friday, October 2, 2009

Murder, Secrets snd Injustice in a Small Town - Anastasia Cassella-Young

Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town
Anastasia Cassella-Young

Anastasia Cassella-Young weaves an intriguing tale with Murder, Secrets and Injustice in a Small Town.

This tale carries the reader through a maze of deceit and lies, keeping you guessing what is around the next turn.

The characters in this story are believable and engaging. I felt that these were people that I knew, people whose lives I was involved in.

Reading this made me feel as though I were fly on the wall. Ana began to feel like a close personal friend, and I began to feel like her confidant. I felt true indignation at the injustice that was done to both the victim and to the accused. As a reader of true crime novels and stories I have to say that this one felt so much like reality it was scary. The crime, the corruption, the cover up all screamed out to me for truth and revelation.

After a bad marriage Ana leaves Florida and returns to her home town in Maine with her teen aged son Bill. Ana hopes to start a new life there for her and her son, but soon the ghosts of the town's past are resurrected when Ana meets and falls in love with Sherman. Ana believes that she has finally found happiness with Sherman and that she will at last be able to offer her son a stable life. Reality sets in however when Sherman reveals a dark secret to her about an unsolved murder that occurred years before. Suddenly Ana's life is thrown into a terror more frightening than any nightmare could ever be. As she struggles to keep her sanity and deal with the secret she has promised to keep, she soon feels that it is a battle she will lose.

Review done by author/reviewer Marilyn Thompson

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