Friday, October 2, 2009

Gumbo Justice - Hollie Castillo

Gumbo Justice
Holli Castillo

In Holli Castillo’s Gumbo Justice a tough lady Assistant District Attorney, Ryan Murphy, has a mouth and an attitude that ticks off judges, other attorneys and even her adoptive father. She even teed off a killer that is unbeknownst to her. The killer has been killing felons that have not been able to be sentenced due to the lack of evidence. These are killers that Ryan has been involved in their cases. The killer would attempt to present them to Ryan as gifts by doing such things as dressing them up with bow ties and the like. The killer informs her that they are gifts by secreted phone calls to her answering machine and also by leaving notes for her asking her if she liked the killer’s gifts.

This story is set in pre–Katrina New Orleans. This story offers the reader the deep flavor of Louisiana.

I found this book to be engaging and the characters very real. Ryan goes through a traumatic experience and leans on the one person who is there for her…Detective Shep Chapetti. She learns to lean on him and trust him throughout this story. Shep brings out Ryan’s human side which this reader enjoyed. In fact it left me wanting to see more of their relationship.

For those that love a good murder/mystery with the proverbial “surprise ending” this book is for you. This reviewer was definitely floored by the ending and thinks that you, as a reader, will also enjoy the twists of fate involved.

This story could have easily been a **** 4 Star review had I not felt that the setting and the details did not provide enough of a mental picture for the reader.

*** 3 Stars

Carol Langstroth, Manager

Mind Fog Reviews

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