Friday, October 2, 2009

Infinite Exposure - Roland Hughes

Infinite Exposure
Roland Hughes

This fiction based story begins post 9/11. Nedim kept telling himself that he was a good Muslim, doing what any good Muslim would do for his country. That was till an anti-terrorist covert operation found out he was sending embedded secret messages for al-Qaeda. This starts an investigation into a world showing what could happen if we do not change the way we do things in America.

I found Roland Hughes’ “Infinite Exposure” to be very interesting and a book that I think everyone should read. However, the problem I see is that the author’s vocabulary extends that of the average “Joe”. There were some Muslim words in the beginning and there were words I had to look up in the dictionary in order to understand what was being said. However, like I said, this should be a must read for every American who is concerned with our country.

**** 4 stars

Carol Langstroth

Mind Fog Reviews

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