Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Tales from The Gunderland is one of those books that could easily become a cult phenomenon. I really enjoyed the humor, which was sort of a cross between Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Monty Python. Each story was unique and self-contained, but still contributed to the “Gunderland Universe” as a whole. My favorite is still Quinse’s retake on Romeo and Juliet. But seriously, who wouldn’t love a book with dwarfs, pirates, and aliens?

Hank Quense has created a collection I’d be proud to not only have on my shelf, but would definitely recommend to my friends. Anyone who enjoys off-beat humor should pick up this book. I’m looking forward to seeing more of his work. Five bookmarks, for sure! ~Reviewed by Sherry Ficklin for Mind Fog Reviews!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coming Home A Practical and Compassionate Guide to Caring for a Dying Loved One By Deborah Duda

In Deborah Duda’s book Coming Home A Practical and Compassionate Guide to Caring for a Dying Loved One we have a straight forward approach for caring for a loved one that is dying. She gives instructions on how to change a sheet while the loved one is still in bed to finding out what their last wishes are.

I actually thought at first that this was going to be a morbid book. However, I found it very well written and I learned a lot of ways to look into for both myself and my family. This book shouldn’t be just for helping the dying, parts of it should be read by everyone because it has information about Wills, Advanced Directives, and DNRs. All of us should look into getting “our affairs in order” prior to our demise which helps make things easier on the family for when the time comes.

Thoughtful, precise and informative!

Carol Langstroth, Manager & Reviewer

Friday, October 8, 2010


Diana DeRicci’s Love’s Learning Curves is a story where Dario is about to become head of the family and the family has different ideas of who should be his mate. He falls for Sheridan at first sight. Will they both understand the other’s secret?”

I enjoyed the book, however, at times I thought it could have used more background into Sheridan’s family and how she is Rush’s second. I know why because I read the others in the series but others may not have had the chance or known it was part of a series.

Carol Langstroth, Manager