Friday, October 2, 2009

The Last Door - K. Raven Rozier

The Last Door
K. Raven Rozier

Rozier’s “The Last Door” gives a vivid account of the O’Neal family’s struggle to help their stepson, Brendan, recover from multiple personality disorder brought on by satanic ritual abuse by his estranged mother and her cult. Rosier intricately laces together the emotional and spiritual nature of the family’s struggle with the complexities of approaching a severe mental disorder in storytelling.

Unfortunately, Rozier’s presentation of the family characters often falls flat within this lacework. At times the triumphant declarations of the mother and father as they work against Brendan’s affliction seem contrived. Furthermore, the author’s attention to detail has a double edge to it. In her description of scenes it takes away from the reader’s opportunity to apply his or her own imagination. Yet, during the accounts of the personalities, it makes what might otherwise become a quagmire of profiles into a memorable line-up of characters within characters.

Overall, a readership seeking a documentation of true Christian love will find a great companion in Rozier’s novel so long as one focuses on the struggle and not on the details of the presentation.

*** 3 Stars
Sara Messina – Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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