Friday, October 2, 2009

33 Summers - Darren L. Pare

33 Summers
Darren L. Pare
Although at first I wasn't certain I would enjoy a book with a baseball theme, "33 Summers" by Darren L. Pare came as a pleasant surprise. The intertwining of important news events, sports news, and music made this story a pleasure to read. I felt helpless as I watched the life of Jack Mathis who had such a promising future as a major league baseball player spiral out of control. I came to understand that he chose at an early age to focus on things outside of his ability to change because it kept him from having to face life and the problems that it held. He put so much effort into trying to understand the motives of other people that he failed to confront his own demons and eventually those demons consumed him. This was an emotional read from start to finish and I recommend it for its insight and honesty.

**** 4 Stars
Author/ Reviewer Marilyn Thompson
Mind Fog Reviews

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