Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Self New World Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty-first Century by Philip Shepard

Mr. Philip Shepherd's book, which I will abbreviate as “New Self New World”, is a refreshingly encompassing look at the human sense of self and how that self connects with the universe. His central thesis has been touted by a diverse pool of philosophical and religious ideas, but Shepherd is one of few individuals who have drawn upon all facets of human experience to help others get out of their heads and in touch with the universe. Far from the usual New Age work, this opus takes the tenants of everything from anthropology to quantum physics to trace humanity's journey as we went from gut-driven children of the universe to prisoners of analysis attempting to assert dominance over the universe's harmony. We, according to the author, over analyze everything in an effort to essentially create a series of reference labels instead of experiencing our world.

Shepherd takes a unique approach to releasing the reader from her habit of over scrutiny by introducing Being. It is from Being, feeling yourself and the world in the present, which should direct humanity and the brain which should do the work. As it stands, in Shepherd's mind, humanity has cut its head off to operate independently from Being centered in the gut, as in gut-feeling, making it operate as both decider and doer.

I feel it would spoil the effect should I elaborate any more, and Shepherd does so much more eloquently than I could ever hope. If there were ever an example of why humanity should be encompassing in both learning and feeling it is outlined exquisitely in this work.

Sara Messina, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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