Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liron’s Melody by Brieanna Robertson

Liron’s Melody by Brieanna Robertson is a timeless romance story in more than one way. Melody is grieving from the death of her parents in a car crash one year ago. Her friend, Nikki, finds an old scroll of music that she thinks will get Melody to play the piano again. As Melody begins to play it she sees a man there but she thinks it is her imagination but as she plays she gets sent to another dimension where she finds Liron…a muse. Will Melody get back to her own world? Will Liron help her with her grief over her parents’ deaths? What exactly does a muse do?

I have to say Ms. Brieanna Robertson likes giving romances a different twist with every book by her that I read. She has a vivid imagination and has a way with writing interesting characters that seem to come alive on paper. Liron’s character is a perfect example of a character that just jumps out of the page when you read about him being a muse and what a muse is/does. This would be the perfect book for people that are tired of the same old romance stories that have been done over and over again. Look out world, a new exciting writer just may take the lead over other romance writers.

Carol Langstroth, Manager
Mind Fog Reviews

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