Wednesday, May 18, 2011

White Sleeper by Dr. David R. Fett and Stephen Langford

The novel White Sleeper by Dr. David R. Fett and Stephen Langford is interesting idea on how a son of a supremacist tries to seek revenge on the government that killed his parents. Dr. Dave Richards is told to investigate a series of unexplained fatal diseases, he finds more than he thought. He and FBI agent Paula Mushari seek to find the answers before time runs out.
This novel was an interesting read for me because I love what “if” stories. The story that Dr. David R. Fett and Stephen Langford spin in White Sleeper is something that can actually happen in our world today. I love how the plot slowly develops and the characters are very in-depth, they show Dr. Dave Richards as a intelligent doctor with a past, desperately seeking to reclaim his life and job. I really enjoyed this book and sincerely hope this duo of writers write another one as they make a fantastic team. I suspect that the readers that love thrillers will want to read this novel and expect to see another! The duo succeeds in catching you quickly and keeps your attention to the details making it a wonderful read!

Carol Langstroth, Manager and Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews


  1. The book is written as poorly as Dr. Fett's surgery is performed. I would avoid both surgery by Dr. Fett and buying his book.

  2. I read the book and it was very entertaining. Purchased it on Kindle. I work for Paramount and several people at the studio had very, very nice surgical results by Dr. Fett. In fact he is removing my "bags" in December.

  3. Within the last few days Publishers Weekly gave White Sleeper a very positive review. I totally agree. Well written bioterrorism thriller by two new novelists. I look forward to their new novel White Lies.

  4. I suffer from aids and Dr. Fett has been taking care of me and my partner for many years. He has always been there when I have had an emergency such as a serious infection even on weekends. I read his novel White Sleeper and really enjoyed it. I do not understand why people write such unpleasant comments like the one written on Sept. 26, 2011 about such a kind, sensitive, caring doctor that has always been there for me when I needed him.