Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Belonging by Nancy Minnis Damato

Belonging by Nancy Minnis Damato is the second book in the trilogy of the Taylor women. This story takes off where The Pawn left off where you follow Josie’s daughter Taylor. Taylor struggles with the lies that her mother told about her father and her need to find out who her father is. Meanwhile she uses what her mother taught her about business and makes a life for herself. As her journey continues she realizes why her mother lied to protect her.
Sometimes when you reading a trilogy you have to reread the book to figure how the 2nd book fits in. I am very happy that didn’t happen with the Belonging. It literally picked up where The Pawn left off. There was no new characters that were introduced while waiting for the main characters came back into the book. Taylor’s characters come across just as she was in book 1. I had read The Pawn for review and am happy to say that the sequel was better than original. It was like Ms. Damato came into her strive and knew where she wanted to take the characters. I hope that I get to read Separate World that ties book 1 and 2 together.

4 bookmark
Carol Langstroth, Manager, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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