Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sha'Daa: Last Call edited by Edward F. McKeown

“Sha'Daa: Last Call” is a shared world collection of stories centering on the concept of a Salesman. He offers the protagonist of each story a trade that will allow them to survive and/or defeat the horror they will soon encounter. Each protagonist must rise to the challenge to prevent the unleashing of horrific C'thulian beings. I enjoyed the writing and the characters but a few of the characters choices seemed outside the range of their suggested intelligence for better or worse. I'm not sure about the military response to a noncombatant in “Deathstalk” by Bruce Durham. I like that the authors did not put a lot of effort into trying to make all the traded items match up but left the story open to many more trades but seeing them come up was a good way to remind the reader of prior trades and leaves them wondering who is going to need the item that I being traded for and what the current hero will need their “new” item for.

Paul Cherry II, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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