Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Second Rate Groupies by Brieanna Robertson

Second-Rate Groupies by Brieanna Robertson is a book about three women who decide to take a week off and hit the road to attend five concerts by their favorite band the Escape. During this crazy week Robyn does a lot of soul searching when she meets Ethan…a security guard for the shows. He shows Robyn things and teaches her that its time to start taking some chances in her life.

Will Heather, Dee Dee, and Robyn make all 5 shows and get to meet the band, and will she start to realize that life is just passing her by?

I have to say I thought this was a really cute romance. It was about two people getting to know one another and didn’t have a lot of heavy sex scenes found in other romances.

Dee Dee’s character was a hoot to read and I love the fact that it also taught people a lesson. (To find out what the lesson is…you have to read the book). I also like that it was mostly based on fact. I hope Mrs. Robertson does more writing and that a lot of women will read Second-Rate Groupies.

Carol A. Langstroth, Manager
Mind Fog Reviews

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