Wednesday, April 20, 2011

29 Days to...Becoming a Great Listener and Communicator by Richard Fast

Richard Fast's “29 Becoming a Great Listener and Communicator” tries to show readers how to open their minds and listen, not hear, the people around them. Fast goes through the most basic mistakes people make, not paying attention, to some they do out of habit or poor sense of manners, like giving 'me too' stories. While his 29 day structure could help others bolster their abilities, it is unfortunately encumbered with a few too many anecdotes and studies with incomplete citations. I started to doubt the value of the data after the first few with vague references to sources. Furthermore, the main quiz in the book has an awkward format for filling it out.

I recommend this book for its main content, but I would recommend supplementing it with stronger works for a real test to those bad communication and listening habits.

Sara Messina, reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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