Sunday, March 20, 2011

Zero Day by Mark Russinovich

“Zero Day” by Mark Russinovich has the kind of plot able to make the skin crawl on the most stalwart of readers. The author has impressively managed to weave technical fact with breathtaking suspense. After following his characters through efforts to stop an all too plausible cyberterrorist attack, I feel as much more aware and wary. Russinovich aptly portrays the minds of both the heroic techs, and the fanatics with equal detail and empathy. He gives no pass to the brass ignoring protagonist pleas while maintaining that our security online is no one person's responsibility. Nor does he downplay the horrific effects of the attack as he also delves into the psychology of the terrorists acting out of perceived religious duty and fear of encroaching western culture. Any reader should be enthralled with “Zero Day,” and taking careful notes.

Sara Messina, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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