Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Map of a Distorted Mind by Joseph R. McNulty

In Map of a Distorted Mind by Joseph R. McNulty is a man expression of grief of a love lost. It talks about the day he fell in love with her and the day she died. I felt every emotion that this man felt in every poem in this book. Mr. McNulty showed the world exactly how he felt and at times did. I applaud him in being so open honest.
Every poem had a flow and consistency to it. At parts I thought it would make a great song because the way it flowed. I must admit my personal favorite is The Great Sardine Ride where he moves to be closer to the one he loves. I have done that and know firsthand how the pull of love will make you do anything. Those of us that love poetry that comes straight from the heart will love this book.


Carol A. Langstroth, Manager,
Mind Fog Reviews

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  1. I love the review you gave me on my book. Getting 4.5 out of 5 bookmarks certainly speaks in volumes considering that this is my first official book review. There is more in store for my readers.