Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shortcomings by Ginger Simpson

Shortcomings by Ginger Simpson is about teenager Cindy Johnson who has walks with a limp because her leg being 2 inches bigger than the other. Because of the teasing she gets from school, she has a low self-esteem.
Things start changing for her when Cory Neil ask her to tutor him in math. Cory notice her and not the limp. Now how can Cory prove to Cindy that he likes her.
Ms. Simpson, in her book Shortcoming, shows the result of someone being teased for something she has no control over. As someone that had been teased all her formative years, I too know how it feels and give Kudos to Ms. Simpson for writing about this sensitive subject.


Carol A. Langstroth, Manager,
Mind Fog Reviews

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