Tuesday, March 29, 2011

“The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story” by Mr. Brian Kittrell

“The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story” by Mr. Brian Kittrell is everyone’s worst nightmare. A country has bombed us with biological bombs. Nadene and her mother, Pam, decided to try to make it to Texas before everyone gets ill from the bombs. Along the way they pick up people who are also trying to escape. There is one problem, the bombs don’t make people sick, they turn into zombies. Will Nadene and her friends make it to Texas or will they turn into zombies themselves.

I must say that I didn’t stop reading the book until the end because it was grabbing you from the first chapter. Nadene was written in such a way that you felt everything that she was feeling at the time. It showed what people might do in the event that such a thing were to happen to us. It also has shown me the amount of research that Mr. Kittrell did before writing this book. Since this is part of a series by the author, I can’t wait to read the rest as it is definitely worth the read.

Carol A. Langstroth, Manager
Mind Fog Reviews

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