Saturday, January 29, 2011

Face the Rain by Jennifer DeNaughel

Face the Rain by Jennifer DeNaughel is a romantic /thriller that reads extremely well from the get go. Jenna and her two children move to her hometown to start a new life after years of abuse by her ex-husband. Her son, Erik, hopes to meet his biological father, Ian, who is Jenna’s high school sweetheart. Will the love that Jenna and Ian had in high school be rekindled after all this time? Will the ex-husband come back to get his revenge?

I read many books and this one really tugged at the heart strings. It really has the right combination of romance/thriller to me. The characters have enough background and the dialogue between them was perfect. I could not put this book down at all. Ms. DeNaughel has written a winner and I hope that all women that love romance will read this one. They will not be disappointed at all.

Carol A. Langstroth, Manager
Mind Fog Reviews

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