Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wild Blackberrries by Lorrie Unites-Stuiff

Wild Blackberrries by Lorrie Unites-Stuiff is a short story about a novel writer who is doing background on one of her books. Unbeknownst to her the soon to be ex-husband has a plan on getting all of her estate. Will her new found friend find her before it is too late?

I thought that Lorrie Unites-Stuiff has the beginning of a great book. I realize that this is supposed to be a short story but I felt that it was too rushed. There needed to be more interaction between Wade and Morgan in the beginning and I would have liked to have a more of an ending. I should like to see Lorrie go even further and write this into a full-length novel. There is more than enough of Lorrie’s imagination to make it a delightful story and one that you would like to read from the beginning to the end.

Carol Langstroth
Manager of Mind Fog Reviews

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