Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who Got Liz Gardner by Elizabeth Allen, a second review

Who Got Liz Gardner” has a really good prologue which drew me in, and I wanted to read more to find out what happens in the subsequent chapters. At the start of the book it is not made clear who the narrator is and I found the story very challenging. One of my favourite parts is when the narrator, Liz and her friend Chris, remove the collection(s) of Baguette, the bag lady. The descriptions of the scene(s) that follow are powerful and amazing.

Liz the narrator in the novel is also going through a lot of situations within the novel. I was uncomfortable with the end of the novel and did like the graphic descriptions of some scenes within the novel.

There is also another character who I was unsure whether or not she worked within the novel and that was Taylor who is described as "gorgeous, funny, strong, athletic, healthy and ready to live". I did not believe in her as a character as the narrator speaks about an Angelic Task List.

I have read Bridget Jones’ Diary and loved every bit of it, I think that this novel is trying to be a Bridget Jones’ Diary and not succeeding for me, I would give this book 3 out of 5 bookmarks as it was not my favourite piece of reading but it was well executed.

Ruth Clements, Reviewer

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