Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Diana DeRicci’s Delany’s Catch is a great gay romance that involves Jake, a bookstore owner, who falls for Delany, who runs a bodyguard business.

The heat from this book starts on page one and continues through the end. She provides great background on both characters and you can tell that she put her all of her skills and know-how in this book.

Gay romance sometimes does not meet a reader’s attention immensely but I can tell you that those of you who thrive on gay romances should definitely read this one.

DeRicci performs tremendously in the written pages of this novel and stands true to form when I say that she has written another hit! I favor DeRicci’s writings because she puts enough spark and romance within her written pages that will keep you reading from beginning to end such as I do with her works.

Carol Langstroth
Manager of Mind Fog Reviews

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