Monday, December 14, 2009

Unwise by Jane Toombs

In “Unwise” by Jane Toombs I find the age-old tradition of pre-arranged marriage an old storyline. However, Ms. Toombs combines it with a fantastical land of enchantment. Although a short story she has accomplished several plots within this novel that are believable and standard for a romance.

I feel that Ms. Toombs could have expounded on the “land of enchantment” a bit more as I expected to see more of it described in this story. All-in-all she achieved her goal that she set out to portray in this fantasy. Based on her standards of writing I feel she has met her goals. In regards to this being a fantasy I wish I had seen more although Ms. Toombs ties it in with the romance and pre-arranged marriage quite well. Fantasy readers might expect a bit more “fantasy” than what Ms. Toombs has provided. Avid fantasy readers might find this a bit lacking as I did.


Anastasia Cassella-Young

Mind Fog Reviews

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