Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Tiny Caterpillar and the Great Big Tree by Kelly Moran

“The Tiny Caterpillar and the Great Big Tree” by Kelly Moran is a delightful tale that teaches the young ones about people being different and how we judge them at our very first impression. It teaches children that being different is okay. The apologies by the characters also teach the children that saying “I’m sorry” is not a bad thing and is easy to do.

The pictures coincide with what is going on at each interval that the caterpillar has with the various insects. I recommend this story to anyone with children. The adults that read this to their children will be teaching them a very valuable lesson and the pictures will amuse even the youngest of children. The adults may learn a bit of a lesson here as well.

Anastasia Cassella-Young
Mind Fog Reviews

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