Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Irons in the Fire - Penelope Marzec

In “Irons in the Fire” by Penelope Marzec you will find a typical romance situation where the woman doesn’t want the man but finally falls for him. In regards to the “paranormal” part it seems lacking in the details of having psychic powers. I found the first almost 40 pages detailing many meals and various foods which, in my opinion, would be too much about food and not enough to set up the storyline. I expected a little more to come from this story but found it severely lacking enough subject matter to grasp this reviewer’s attention.

Although written well enough to maintain your attention to find out about the “paranormal” story it really isn’t much to read in the storyline. Maybe this reviewer missed the gist of the story but it took a long time to set it up and frankly I didn’t want to be bored that long.

The author does have exciting conversations within the story and some very descriptive details. As far as paranormal romance it took a long time to get to this and I feel that anyone reading paranormal romances expects to find something about it within the first 50 pages that would grasp their attention and keep it excitingly different. This author did not do that.

Anastasia Cassella-Young
Mind Fog Reviews

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