Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Company You Keep by Penelope Marzec

The Company You Keep by Penelope Marzec offers an exciting spin on cursed spirits and demons. The portal, which when opened will unleash havoc on the world, is protected by a cursed spirit. Jennifer does not want to sell her farm because of the hindrance the portal poises when it is opened because it will release demons upon her family. Kidnapping, demons and cursed spirits abound in this tale of paranormal romance.

The action starts immediately and the storyline will keep you enticed. Ms. Marzec continues to keep you attached to the story by her drama packed demonic and spirit filled tale along with the underlying love story. I found that Ms. Marzec’s paranormal romance kept my attention throughout this novel from the very first chapter. I highly recommend this paranormal romance to those interested in demons, spirits, adventure and love. Penelope Marzec hits the mark dead on!

Anastasia Cassella-Young
Mind Fog Reviews

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