Monday, December 14, 2009

Under Cover Alien by Barbara Romo

Under Cover Alien by Barbara Romo tells us of aliens and UFOs. She winds the tale around believers and non-believers. Gideon Cyrus is an alien “undercover” until the time when he is to teach the world of the existence of aliens and UFOs. Abduction included…this Sci-fi story makes you wonder if “they” exist.
Hannah tries to keep her UFO believers safe and finds that she might be falling in love with someone who does not believe and is full of cynicism. Can she resist him? The romance that ensues tells us that she can overcome non-believers and their telltale cynicism.

I followed Ms. Romo’s depiction of aliens and UFOs throughout this controversial subject matter with a “grain of salt”. Whether you believe or not she allows you to enjoy the secretiveness of the alien and the believers. Reading this tome might encourage you to believe and you will find the romance side of it infatuating. Whether you believe or not you will find this an encouraging read of abductions, aliens and UFOs.


Anastasia Cassella-Young

Mind Fog Reviews

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