Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Trust Earned by Diana Castilleja

“A Trust Earned” by Diana Castilleja is dedicated to every romantic thought that one could have.  Bram is an overworked doctor who is yearning for something different in his life.
Enter one Selene Aiza who has an offer for Bram that he cannot refuse. Selene is a doctor/administer who has huge secrets that she hopes that she can share with Bram.  Can Bram handle the truth that comes with Selene.

I loved the story from the first page. The chemistry between Selene and Bram is explosive from the very first page. This gifted writer will differently be another Danielle Steele if she continues to write with as much passion as Steele does.

Temptations, secrets and romance abound in this novel. Diana Castilleja has a romantic side to her that every woman would love to have and to enjoin with their own relationships!

Carol Langstroth, Manager/Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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