Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Thorn at his Side by Diana Flori

In Diana Flori’s “The Thorn at his Side” you will find romance at its finest. The sexual scenes are done very tastefully.  The romantic side of Ms. Flori shows you a vivid imagination as to what romance and love should be. She stays within the historical era as she writes this historical romance.  I found this to be titalating and action packed all the way to the end. The epilogue tells of a future that was prepared for during the romantic episodes unfolded within these pages.

Unforetold writing excellence is in this novel and I would highly recommend it to those who enjoy a good, steamy love scene and romance on the high seas.  I would love to read another novel like this from Ms. Flori and I believe you would too!

Anastasia Cassella-Young
Mind Fog Reviews

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