Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nacreous Verse by Sonja Smolec

“Nacreous Verse” by Sonja Smolec is a lovely tidbit of poetry.  Upon looking up the word “nacreous” it is discovered that it has a meaning entailed of “pearls of wisdom”.  This poetry book does have pearls of wisdom throughout it.  A critique of it would be hard to do in the sense of trying to find rythym and beat.  The author sometimes starts out with a great beat and then rushes wholeheartedly into verse that does not ryhme but has great meaning.  Starting with A B A B then following up with A C D E A F G H, etc.  Love and romance are the main theme of this book. 

Sonja Smolec uses some very large, intellectual words at times and uses footnotes to define them. I feel that a footnote is not appropriate in the theme of a poetry book but suggest perhaps that she should have used a glossary. 

All in all it is a read that you will find to be in depth, loaded with emotions and finally, it is thought provoking enough to make you read between the lines as such as poetry always does.  I would recommend this read to those that don’t expect a lot of prose and rhythm and beat as set forth by the standards of poetry.

Anastasia Cassella-Young
Mind Fog Reviews

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