Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Isolated by D.M. Slate

A honeymoon goes horribly wrong in the short story entitled “Isolated” by D.M. Slate. While on his honeymoon Anthony’s wife is kidnapped and he doesn’t remember how or what happened while they were honeymooning in Mexico. As the FBI gets information regarding the case Anthony struggles to remember the events that led up to Jazmine’s kidnapping. Will Anthony remember things in time to save Jazmine?
I found this story to be gripping and I think that this story could be made into a full lenth novel if not a novella. It has everything a reader could ask for including, but not limited to, mystery, suspense, and a little romance thrown in for good measure. Isolated by D. M. Slate should be on everyone’s reading list for the summer!!!

Carol Langstroth, Manager and Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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