Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 94 by D.M. Slate

In “Day 94” by D.M. Slate a meteor landed in the city of Greely and Joslin didn’t know it would change her life forever. The crash of the meteor caused an illness that turned people into zombies. How will Joslin and her family prevent nnot just getting the illness but surviving without power and food?
In my profession I read all different genres in short story and novel formats. This includes the genre of Sci-fi ones such as this which is about people turning into zombies. While I enjoyed the fact that this short story was a fast paced book, it was similar to another story that I reviewed a short time ago where an illness turned people into zombies. This makes me wonder how many ways a person can turn into a zombie. The only difference with this one is that a meteor caused this illness. In my eyes surely there are other ways that people can turn into zombies other than getting an illness?
However, for the Sci-fi fan who wants a quick read while on the beach drinking a cold beer, this would be the perfect story because like I said its fast paced and the plot keeps moving the entire time you’re reading it.

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