Monday, November 30, 2009

Nicky's Nocturnal Octopus

Nicky loves taking care of the fish in his father's aquarium. He knows each type of fish by heart, and makes sure that they all get enough to eat and the water temperature is just right for them. His favorite sea creature is of course, the octopus, with his many legs. He makes sure to give the octopus special treats.

Then one night, after Nicky awakens to a startling noise coming from outside his bedroom, he makes an amazing discovery about his favorite animal....

Nicky's Nocturnal Octopus is a fantastic book that will entertain both adults and kids alike. Written in verse form and fully illustrated, it will keep children interested in learning about the sea and what creatures can be found there. The additional information at the end of the book about Octopuses also makes it an educational resource for children. This book is a definite must-have in your children's library.

***** 5 Stars
Raymond Teodo, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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