Thursday, November 12, 2009

The ABRAXAS Series Books 1-3

Cinsearae Santiago has done a magnificent job at detailing a vampire’s life and the definitions involved in a vampire story.  “The ABRAXAS Series Books 1-3” is very detailed and has great imagination put into the various descriptions of situations throughout the novel.  This is not your typical vampire story as it includes a former girlfriend and a child born out of wedlock that died at birth.  The death was to be deferred by Natasha by creating a Necromancer (a zombie boy) for herself in denying her son’s death. Santiago grips you from the beginning with no names she described a feature-length situation creating Christine as Lady ABRAXAS and how she came about.

Right away there is a sexually explicit scene commonly found in vampire novels.  Lord ABRAXAS comes on strong to Christine Vargas as he believes her and feels that she is his “lady”.

Dartanian and Diane wreak havoc on this relationship. Battles unforeseen come about through their own devices.  They are defined as brother and sister and their bond is strong in their convictions.  The author has done a fine job of laying out these stories.


Gripping! Compelling! “The ABRAXAS Series Books 1-3” is an a-typical vampire story but not so a-typical with some of the points being human-like problems such as an ex-girlfriend with a child born out of wedlock that has been re-created as a Necromancer (zombie boy) because the boy had died at birth.  Natasha, Christine, Ryan, Dartanian, Diane and all the other characters seem to jump off the page in the action packed scenes provided by Santiago right from the beginning.  You really won’t want to stop reading this while its edge-of-the-seat tale unfolds.  Sexually explicit at times, these scenes were breathtaking and well done.  Vampire followers should follow ABRAXAS in its eternity of life and life-situations.

3.5 **** Star
Anastasia Cassella-Young, Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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