Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The War of the Dead: Andy’s Story by Brian Kittrell

The War of the Dead: Andy’s Story is the second in “The Survivor Chronicles” by Brian Kittrell. In this story we get Captain Andy Mackenzie’s view of the events leading up to warlord General Mumbatu sending missiles with the virus Revelation a/k/a Kemper-A. Andy’s point of view is from the beginning of when the crisis started, from the Army getting samples of the virus so they can find a cure to the actual missiles landing on US soil.

I was fortunate to be the one who reviewed the first in this series The Dying Times. As with the first novel, Mr. Kittrell does a large amount of research in this story. The characters are well formed and the background given helps the story come alive. You can actually feel the dislike the Captain has against General Sparey and how much he hated it when his country started gunning down a person in a helicopter who was trying to escape the virus that turns the dead into zombies.
It seems lately all I have been reviewing is zombie stories. However, I feel that out of all that I have reviewed, Mr. Kittrell’s’s stories out do them all. I can’t wait for the third book in the series called Prisoner and Survivor: William’s Story.

Carol Langstroth, Manager and Reviewer
Mind Fog Review

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