Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Travelers by M.T. Bargeman

In The Travelers by M.T. Bargeman, Lady Robin of the Other Place needs the help of two humans. One is Twila a green witch whose mission is to wake the Great Phoenix to help with the fight of the Red Dragon. The second is her brother Joseph who is to lead the armies to fight the Red Dragon. She sends two of her faithful servants to retrieve them from our world. Eugene and Cynthia go to collect them and find it more difficult than they thought. Once they are all together they ride to King Hern to get their individual missions. Can they save both worlds?

I like the characters that M.T. Bargeman brings to The Travelers. They are in-depth and you can actually see them in your mind. The book itself in well written and any fantasy lover will love to lose hours of their life to live in the world that she invented. What I didn’t like was the way she left you hanging at the end to see if they won the war of the Red Dragon. I am hoping that she has plans for a sequel.


Carol A. Langstroth, Manager,
Mind Fog Reviews

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