Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Violets for Vanessa by Diane Miley

In Violets for Vanessa by Diane Miley we have a decent old fashioned romance. Vanessa is an independent woman bent to never depend on a man because of the abuse of her father.  Enter Chad James a man who wants to be there for Vanessa but she stops him at every turn. Will Vanessa learn that not every man is like her father and will Vanessa learn to trust Chad?

I am a big fan of Diane Miley but I felt that in the beginning of the book it didn’t flow like her other works and almost like she was trying to hard to make it come out. Toward the middle and ending of the book it flowed like the rest of her previoiusly reviewed work. It is still a decent read for those who enjoy a decent Christian romance.

Carol Langstroth, Manger
Mind Fog Reviews

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