Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Runaway Bride by Rita Hestand

“Run Away Bride” by Rita Hestand wasn’t an easy read at all.  I kept wanting to throw it across the room and shout “STOP repeating that!” Ms. Hestand has chosen a topic that’s been so overdone, I mean, there’s even a Julia Roberts movie cliché.

While it seems that her characters can not get over their pasts one reference to this probably would have done well.  The main character isn’t the only one to rehash trivial issues – her new love interest does the same before he’s even met “the run away bride” and can’t seem to let go of another episode in a bar.

There are moments when the story doesn’t flow, almost as if parts were cut out – possibly by mistake? 

She has ample opportunity to add interesting details that would make the story a more enjoyable read, like when it comes to the best friend and the parents of the bride, but instead chooses to keep rehashing the same “can’t betray the grooms secret” issue. Again I say the author has chosen a subject that has been overdone and brought nothing new to the story.

Nanci Arvizu
Mind Fog Reviews

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