Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blood Clay by Valerie Nieman

Blood Clay by Valerie Nieman is an interesting kind of story that tells how Tracy Gaines, who just relocated to Saul, North Carolina, watches a little girl get maulled by a pack of dogs. As she tells the truth of what happened on that fateful day, most people don’t believe her because she is an outsider. The only one who truly believes her is a fellow teacher, Dave Fordham, who has his own problems with people accepting him. As Tracy struggles with fighting for her principles of right and wrong, she finds friendship and love with Dave. Will the truth of what happned to
Lakesha heal the wounds of the people involved or will it tear families apart.

Ms. Nieman’s book “Blood Clay” is a book that shows characters that have principles and that it’s hard when you have to stick up for yourself. In fact the characters felt very real to me. One of the things I loved is it also told some of the history of North Carolina. I also loved that the relationship between Tracy and Dave starting out as friends and then become involved with each other. I think women of the south no, make that all women, would like see more books where the characters started out as friends instead of hopping into bed at the first scene.
“Blood Clay” should be on everyone’s “to read” list.

Carol Langstroth, Manager and Reviewer
Mind Fog Reviews

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