Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mind Fog Review's Marilyn Thompson Gives 'Hard Winter' 5 stars

Hard Winter
N.W. Davies

"Hard Winter" by N.W. Davies is a tale of survival. Set in England in the year 2118. An apocalyptic winter has occurred due to a nuclear war over oil in 2062. The nuclear winter that followed caused glacier ice to move south at an unprecedented speed.  The survivors must not only battle frigid temperatures and the threat of starvation, but the things that are far worse moving ahead of the ice toward them, things that once were reserved for nightmares.

With "Hard Winter" N.W. Davies created a story that read like a full-length novel. So much was said with so very few words. Watching as Norman transformed from a selfish self-serving individual to a caring and possibly heroic figure was a fantastic journey. I was captured by this tale from the first sentence and was unable to pull myself free until I had finished. A well crafted tale. Absolutely one of the best I have ever read.

***** 5 Stars
Author/ Reviewer Marilyn Thompson
Mind Fog Reviews

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  1. I would care to have my manuscript reviewed.